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A long weekend in the Seventeenth Century, English Civil War

Ref TOE0106 450.00 (€675) per person - Sharing reduces this to 375 (€565) per person

Minimum number of passengers 6 - First running 27 January to 30 January 2006 Alternative dates to follow

Much has been made of this period but most guides and tours focus on the set piece grand battles, the generals and the famous personalities. Roger's Tours don't do that . Our long weekend tour sets off from London in company with an ordinary footsoldier, a researched original human being. We do not claim to know everything, but by following his known path we can enter the world turned upside down of the 1640's, and come out in a society with a complete new order.

Our tour starts and ends at any railway station, port or Londons Airports, if all passengers are arriving together. This may affect the start date and time offered, we can cope and arrange things for you.

For that reason there is only one set date for this tour in 2006, and while we will spend Friday night and Saturday night in hotels near significant locations, the itinerary will be more flexible to accommodate opportunities for your astonishment and delight. Evening talks and lectures by period experts are to be confirmed.

This tour will encompass two major battlefields but will visit sites of more civilian interest and develop the background to the tragic events of The First English Civil War 1642-45 in more detail, and we will visit any suitable interpretive events that fit our timetable. From there I focus more on the out of city path taken by our hero, and the armies in which he served. By touching the hem of one mans linen, we can bring you a closer to a more intimate portrait of a man in his time.

Please bring appropriate walking footwear and wet weather gear.

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