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Wine Appreciation Tours

Ref WA0106 150.00 per person - Sharing reduces this to 125.00 per person

Minimum number of passengers 5 - First offer departs Friday 4th November Back Sunday so you miss the noise here ! Alternative dates 19 Nov, 2nd Dec and 16 Dec 2005
Closing date for bookings five weeks ahead, sorry we have to have a full complement of passengers to justify the trailer and there has to be a weight limit. Nothing is to be imported for direct, commercial retail, all is for personal use only, but we can help you cater for parties and voluntary events - see below.

With 7 seats in our vehicle and a massive trailer we can offer an extreme version of retail therapy
but is this a booze cruise - NO, we are not going there ! What Roger Tours offers, from secure parking near POOLE is a trip to visit a small French Craft Brewery and cider growers, a calvados distillery and some informative sites PLUS one giant hypermarket; a long weekend with expert guidance on what you can and cannot import into the UK tax free. If you seek more hedonistic weekend, at greater cost, we do feature one of the most attractive small Chateaux as our hotel with a superb evening meal and possibility of sleeping in four poster beds in medieval luxury. We need to know what you may seek to purchase, for your own personal consumption, so we can help you find the right outlet and route.

This tour will also be offered to clubs groups and societies wishing to promote themselves via Social evenings featuring selections of French produce - having imported wines and beers legally and paid taxes, we still found a profit margin for our local voluntary society, so we can guide you through application and pre payment so you can take advantage of this entirely legally, enabling all members of your community to attend events you run without embarrassment. This can only be done while the current legislation is in force and only succeeds due to the excellent service provided by HM Customs and Excise - while we will help you, they are generous in their advice and support

One of the joys of France, one of the many, is the wide range of foods presented in ordinary supermarkets and shops in tinned, sealed, potted and packaged form. Their attitude to food is rather more "I would expect to find that at a sensible price, in its season", than our all year round exotica. "Le Hyper" or the "Grand Surface" stock what appear more diverse items, yet the small specialist outlet, the delicatessen and charcuterie, and the patisseur still thrive. Clothing tends to be far more expensive,balancing this. If you seek specialist couture, fashion and lingerie retailers they are more expensive than the UK but offer a more snappy presentation and service. Shopping is still a relaxation and entertainment - even in winter tables pile out of cafes for you to sit and watch everyone pass by; animateurs, funfairs and restored carousels operate into the evening to entertain and delight. We offer all-too-brief trips to Cherbourg and area to seek out the best retail therapy weekends, so bring your Euros but most of all, bring a sense of fun.

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