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Terms and Conditions

This page of terms and conditions is printer friendly version and should fit on around two sheets of A4 paper. Please check your print out to confim that it has all 17 clauses and a fairly current date.

When you book a tour with Roger's Tours the following conditions apply:

1.Deposits - 20 % deposit is required within 7 days of booking by bank transfer or cheque payable to, and this wording is essential Roger's Tours Fund Holding Account , posted to
Rogers Tours 56 Wareham Rd., Lytchett Matravers, POOLE Dorset, BH16 6DS

2.Confirmation These booking conditions together with our Tour Referenced details form the basis of your contract with us. After you have discussed all the aspects of the tour with us, you will receive confirmation details of the proposed tour including the price per person. Once all the arrangements for the tour have been made, you will receive notification informing you of them.

3.Final Payment - Final payment for the tour must be paid in full 30 days before Day 1 of your tour or by a date arranged with us. If your balance is not received we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled by you and apply the cancellation charges set out in sub clause 4.

4.Cancellation by You - Should you be forced to cancel your booking you are asked to notify us verbally immediately and subsequently in writing. Any cancellation must be in writing and will only take effect once it has been received at our address. Deposits will be refunded if notice of Cancellation is received more than 56 days before start of your tour, otherwise, Cancellation penalties are as follows:
a.) Between 56 and 28 days before start of your tour - 50% of Tour Price
b.) Between 27 and 10 days before start of your tour 75% of Tour Price
c.)10 days before the start of your tour or less - 100% of Tour Price. Missing the departure due to any accident, failure of railway, coach or way of getting here is deemed to be cancellation; we may offer you directions to routes to catch up with a tour at your own expense and risk, if it will not affect others enjoyment

5.Alteration/Cancellation by us. Each tour will have a cut off date indicated, at which time, if we have not filled sufficient seats to run it, a full refund will be offered. We will endeavour to ensure that none of the elements of your tour have to be changed. However, there will be occasions when such changes have to be made due to circumstances unforeseen by us. We reserve the right to make any such alterations and will offer as near an equivalent service as you expect; if we can contact you we will make you aware of any significant changes prior to the tour. We accept responsibility for ensuring that the services we contract to provide are supplied and to the anticipated satisfactory standard.

6.Force Majeur: Except where otherwise stated in these booking conditions, we regret we cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented by "force majeur". This includes war or threat of war, civil disturbance, industrial dispute, unforeseeable terrorist activity or threat thereof, natural disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions and similar problems beyond our control. We will do all that is possible to protect your interest, but we cannot be held responsible for unforeseen delays, industrial disputes, civil riots, accidents and inoperable weather.

7.Pricing Policy You will have agreed a price for the tour when you booked. This will be an inclusive price, unless otherwise stated, and will contain any extra services/facilities you may have requested.We will absorb the first 2% of any surcharge through taxes or carriage costs. We offer single rooms as standard and a reduction for sharing will apply.

8.Conditions of Carriage We only use reputable companies,who comply with EU regulations for operation in Europe. You will be subject to the conditions of carriage, applied by the individual coach or ferry company. Copies of these can be made available for you to see.

9.Parking of Customers Vehicles is entirely at their risk - we have off road parking for up to seven cars dependant on size, and this is made available at no charge on the express condition that we are not in any way held liable for loss or damage,vehicles are left in such a condition as not to cause loss damage or nuisance to neighbours or other customers, and leave by 10:30 the next day. Luggage - on a full vehicle we will tow a luggage trailer but we suggest two pieces of luggage per person is reasonable; a 900x 600x 350 mm suitcase 7 a small day bag for essentials

10.Health Regulations At the time of going to print, no vaccinations are required for travel to Europe. However, this situation may change, and you are advised to check with the relevant authorities. We strongly advise that you have a current E111 to cover you for France & Europe

11.Insurance and Safety It is a condition of booking that all travellers are covered by comprehensive insurance. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that that they have adequate travel insurance, and do not travel against medical advice; we will ask for proof of cover. We offer trip travel insurance through third party providors; please request details when booking.

Historic sites can be dangerous places, they were not designed to meet modern safety expectations. All guests on tour are briefed on safety aspects and walking on sites accordingly. Whilst we will do everything it can to ensure the safety of our customers, we cannot take responsibility for any injury incurred as a result of failing to heed advice given, or any act of stupidity or willful act of negligence. We appreciate being made aware of any medical conditions.

12.Complaints Procedure Should you have a complaint about any aspect of your tour, you should notify the guide or contact us without delay, in order that the complaint can be quickly resolved as soon as possible, and follow up in writing within 7 days of return if unresolved.

13.Passengers with Disability Please note with certain disabilities people may have difficulty in getting on and off vehicles, and these tours involve a fair amount of walking. Should you or any member of your group suffer from a disability that could affect their or other members of the group's, enjoyment of their tour, we must be notified in writing. You should also confirm if the individual requires any assistance. We regret that we must reserve the right to refuse a booking if an individual's medical condition or disability may, in our opinion, have an adverse effect on the remainder of the group. Our vehicle is not specially adapted for wheelchair users. We will endeavour to address this issue in future, and we are open to any practical suggestions.

14.Indemnity We expect all clients to behave in an appropriate manner and to have consideration for others at the sites visited and facilities used. In the event of any client causing offence, danger, damage or distress to others, we reserve the right to terminate that individual's tour arrangements. In that event, we will not be liable for any costs or expenses incurred by them as a result. If the actions of a client causes damage to accommodation in which you are staying, or to the vehicle in which you travel, or cause delay or diversion to any means of transportation, you agree to fully indemnify us against any claim (including legal costs of all concerned) made against us by or on behalf of the owners of such accommodation or the operator of such means of transportation or by any third party.

15.Tour Information Our staff always endeavour to give precise, accurate information to telephone enquiries. However, we cannot accept liability for information given orally to customers unless it is confirmed by us in writing.. In E-mails we will make clear what is speculative or reliable. For the benefit of future clients we ask you to complete a questionnaire, and assume that your comments, plus fairly normal shots of you, enjoying your tour, are acceptable for use on our PR material & website unless your tell us before hand [just write NO PUBLICITY on the booking form please !]

16.Passports and Visas - It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they have a valid individual passport and the necessary visas if required. It is the responsibility of the Client to confirm the requirement of visas for non - British passport holders, by contacting the relevant Embassy or Consulate. You are responsible for any charges or fines that might be levied by authorities in the UK or abroad for non-compliance with regulations in the area and any such amounts will be recharged to you.

17.Consistency In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any additional general information in the brochure, these Terms and Conditions will apply in respect of the inconsistency

Terms current at April 3rd 2005
"Roger's Tours" is the trading name of Roger's Tours Limited
Registered Office The Anchorage 56 Wareham Road Lytchett Matravers POOLE Dorset BH16 6DS.
Registered in England and Wales No. 5019406 Director Roger William Emmerson

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"Roger's Tours" is the trading name of Roger's Tours Limited Registered Office The Anchorage 56 Wareham Road Lytchett Matravers POOLE Dorset BH16 6DS. Registered in England and Wales No. 5019406 Director Roger William Emmerson